Record of Saegareth

Information Gathered from Session One

Those that would climb the canyons of Nessus are bound for a hard fall. The time of Shades and Shadows is at hand. The Goddess will Fall and the Queen shall rise

The party learns that Nessus is the ninth and deepest layer of the Infernal planes. It is a harsh environment of large canyons and vast crevasses. Whether or not the Sho’Shasari that said this was making a vague analogy or a declaration of alignment is unknown.

The Goddess…is a strange one to describe. The best even bardic knowledge could come up with are legends of a benevolent goddess of the celestial planes. They say she fought a war with a dark god and the the planes of the abyss and the infernal planes took sides in an ultimate battle that threw the planescapes completely out of alignment.

The Sho’shasari…once again this is something of legends. They were assassins, espionage agents, rogues and spies that all work subterfuge for the good of empires. Once when Saegareth was a series of kingdoms that Sho’Shasari would be hired by the kings and queens of the lands to subtly maintain order by keeping a flow of martial and political knowledge flowing.
But as far as anyone knows there is no actual history record of the Sho’Shasari ever existing.

Graz’zt…is another strange one. His marking is displayed on the quarterstaff carried by the Elven Wizard the party killed at the Vanilla star. It does seem rather strange for a weapon of Graz’zt to be on this plane, but Sairaith could detect no evil one it, only declaring it of masterwork craftsmanship. Jovaani searched deep into his knowledge, but only came up with stories of Graz’zt the Sensual, Sexual Demon Lord of the 586th Plane of the Abyss. Nothing concrete.

And then there was Lucretia Rafale:

Lucretia Rafale the beautiful woman who weaves such wicked plots. The woman who apparently bested Tabarias Luchepheros in combat. If the party were to ask Sairaith she would swear the woman literally oozed evil from every pore. She was unaffected by lights blinding her, though the party had no time to determine why. She sealed Jovaani’s mouth with a single command. She made strong men flee from her with her very presence. She commands a giant Tiger and seems to own a large Dwarf who defends her with a maul.
Strangest of all was the way she spoke. Of something called the Tempo and the Twins. Of Ruling Choas…

The Bard and the Wizard put their heads together in the few moments they had after she left. They determined that the Tempo could refer to the planar alignment. Though what alignment and what planes they didn’t know. Or whether or not the Tempo was mechanical.

The Twins they determined likely referred to the legend of how the Council of Twelve began. Thousands of years ago six sets of twins where chosen to oversee Saegareth. This was back after the Kingdoms had split and when there were more lands in Saegareth. The Twins helped craft order out of Chaos.



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