Record of Saegareth

Session 1

A chance meeting, a random encounter, and a crawl through the Colloseum

We arrive in the southern, Gnomish district of the Island [Reskai], after Keagan approached the other adventurers on the ship, proposing that if the rumors of a group tournament are true, they could be well served by joining forces. They agree, and make their way into the city.

We travel to the Vanilla Star, a tavern recommended to us by the ship’s captain[Zanros Reley]. After a captivating performance by Keagan, Siverni was approached by an elven barmaid carrying concealed scrolls. After a brief altercation, 3 accomplices joined from the shadows to attack the party and a firedancer who was performing.

The party killed the elven maiden, and 2 of her accomplices, and the 3rd was put to sleep. Sairaith, the firedancer, woke up the accomplice, who spoke in Infernal a phrase praising Nessus and vowing that the Goddess would fall.

Knowledge checks recall that the name Nessus is connected to the name Asmodeus, an entity that is fabled to have taken part in a planar war thousands of years ago, involving The Goddess, who is also fabled to have been the leader of the Pantheon, the “big cheese” of the gods in long forgotten eons. He then bit a poison pill, and died before Sairaith could cure him.

Treasure from the Encounter
700gp (total, taken by different party members)
Potion Of Eagle Splendour (smells “off”, held by Keagan)
Potion (Of Delay Poison, taken secretly by Severnie)
Masterwork Acidic Burst Quarterstaff (Jovaani)
Ring of Friend-shields (Keagan & Jovaani)
Broach of black metal (Ancient Combat adepts who could disappear in an out of shadow Sho’shasari, espionage agents of a long lost era)
Iron Ring (Ring of Force Shield, taken secretly by Severnie)

[The tavern keeper, when he discovered that the party was sent to him under the name Zanros Reley, paled and not only offered them free rooms for the night, but rooms whenever they found themselves on Reskai]

The next morning, Keagan invites Sairaith to join the team for the tournament. She accepts, and accompanies the party to the Coliseum, which our knowledge checks have revealed to be layered with spells to make it “bigger on the inside”, and the ability to change form to suit the needs of the competition at hand.

There, we encountered Tabarias Lucepheros, representative to the Council of Twelve, of Meseyer, who greets Sairaith as an old friend. The party is introduced to Tabarias.

The tournament began with a dungeon forming around us, with a statue featuring a statue of chains and 2 locked doors, with 4 “button” diases around the chamber. 2 were faintly magical, and when activated, awakened the statue into a chain golem. We defeated it quickly but with difficulty, and during the combat we heard faint panicked sounds.
assorted golden art objects (Keagan)
Medium size studded elven armor (Keagan)
2 Potions of Barkskin (Brugh)

The killing of the golem opened one door, while the other remained locked and terrifying sounds of a vicious slaughter could be faintly heard on the other side. We elected to take the open route, sans screaming.

The next room was dark, so the spellcasters lit it and saw nothing. Magic items were detected, but not located. Jovaani and Sairaith entered the room and were attacked by small creatures and a shriek, beginning combat. Faintly we hear an amplified female voice barking orders. We defeat the encounter, and now clearly hear sounds of panic from the arena outside, when the magic of the arena should make that impossible.

We continue to a closed door behind which we overhear a huge creature pacing. We engage in a very brief combat with a large tiger before the arena dissolved, revealing ice devils attacking the arena. They were led by a woman later revealed to be named Lucretia Rafale. She displayed phenomenal magical power, and promised us that the Tempo was in chaos, and that not even the Twins could stop her from ruling the Pantheon. She vanishes with her accomplices, leaving a barely conscious Tabarius behind.

Tabarias is revealed by Detect Magic to be devil-touched, as though he were sickened by travel through the Infernal Planes, though Sairaith detects him to be Good.

The party then notices a great sphere in the center of the arena which we were magically drawn to. Upon touching it everything spun and then fell silent.



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