Record of Saegareth

Session 2 (Kegan)

The main party “awakens” in a dark misty forest, similar to those close to Keagan’s homeland in Cresting Glenn. We realize we are not on the Prime plane anymore, and suspect this is the Dream Realm.
Wandering through the forest, we find a draconic statue similar to those Old Era worshipers of Tiamat would have used. Laying at it’s feet are the bodies of Hawken Faluja (Blood-drinker), Charlamange. Keagan (and only he) witnesses the dragon lash out to attack him, a moment before a stone heart clutched in it’s claw begins beating, pumping out blood. We rush to rescue the two limp bodies, waking them up. The statue turns its head to watch the party, but Keagan disbelieves and it remains stationary.

Keagan hears sing-song voices echoing from all around, and rushes off into the forest, joining in the song. Jovaani restrains him. A moment later, a little girl, mouth agape in a silent scream runs up to the party. The party sees various flashes of disturbing and evil things from the girl and surrounding forest.

Above us, we see 2 glowing paths, one of white and one blue. The little girl is very scared of the blue path, and refuses to return that way. She also tells us she is from a small village in Aqualis, and was traveling with her mother who was competing in the tournament, but after the ‘evil lady’ appeared, she found herself in this forest.

After some debate (and the revelation of Jovaani’s slave status), the party elects to take the white path, to the apparent west.
After a certain distance, we happen across a woman in a white dress and long brown hair, who reacts to Auken with fear.

8 Orcs appear crashing through the forest, and attack us, along with the woman. The orcs are quickly defeated, and the woman is revealed to be a Succubus, who summons a swarm of 13 Dretches.
Keagan managed to Hypnotize the Seccubus, discovering that she was attacking us on orders.

Jovanni hears Knolan’s fevered voice as if he stood next to him. “She is with you… the shards… the shards of she who is Chaos and she who is the Order of Arcana… the shards, find her Maegira. My darling life, my mistress arcane Maegira.” Troubled, Jovaani tries to figure out the mysteries of Knolan’s message.

Maegira is the highest priestess at the temple of Kiesayah in Kaeheer. Jovaani & Keagan have met her, she is a tall, lithe, curly brown-haired humanoid and absolutely beautiful. It is assumed that she is human. There is no record of her, she simply appeared one day.

We are ambushed by small skeletal abyssal skulkers, who we defeat in short order, as the trees begin to bleed. We continue along to see a tall statue of demonic features. The little girl begin signing frantically, and the statue reaches out to strike. As it does, a spell around the little girl dissolves, revealing her to also be a succubus.

We go through a challenging combat against the demonic statue, which reverts to stone and crumbles into dust. In the blink of an eye, the Succubus was also slain, and a shimmering gateway opens.



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