Record of Saegareth

Session 3

The Party departs on their Quest

Notable Items obtained/crafted during our week in the city:
Glyph Seal (for the spellcasters)
62 doses of Powdered Water
Vernadhiel (Vay-nah-thee-ell), the Voice of Silver Glory, a rapier crafted by Sairaith for Keagan and enchanted by elven mages.
Several maps of the Merseyr region

Setting Out:
We prepare to set out for the desert of Merseyr, in search of the Seer’s Oasis. The nation is currently ruled by a 2-part parliament and is ruled by Primie Minister Rischay Vrei, who has brought a era of peace and prosperity.

Tabarias takes us to a building which holds 6 metal gates (yes, think Stargate [because the DM is LAMEXD -<3 M) and leads us to one hued of burnished gold, with amethysts set into intricate scrollwork. A caster activates it, and Tabarius wishes us well on our journeys.

Large gates connect all the capital cities of Saegareth to each other. Smaller gates would connect to smaller headquarters/cities & locations (unsure)
These gates are used by the Council for political reasons to quickly arrive at the necessary locations. In times of war the gates are shut down to help protect borders. Keagan notices that the gates are Sintari in origin.

Chenreyr (Jovaani & Keagan)
The party appears in a small building in Chenreyr, in the Market District to be precise. Jovaani is very familiar with this district as it is under Arcana Eterna control (at least as he remembers). Veric is also very prominent in the city, and he never liked Jovaani too much to begin with (and the bit about the Jovaani’s slavery…). However, with the knowledge that his grandfather Knolan is in this city (in theory at least), Jovaani heads straight for the nearest (and main) Arcana Eterna base.

The Eterna base appears to now be an Alchemy shop. Keagan immediately becomes fascinated by the contents of the shop, while Jovaani converses with the shopkeeper to gain entrance to the secret base behind the shop. He turns and all but drags Keagan with him.

Upon reaching Knolan, it is apparent that Jovaani’s grandfather seems to be in a dreamlike state and keeps pointing to and referring to a door. He doesn’t respond to Jovaani’s speech, but Keagan offers to try and gain more insight with magic. Jovaani allows it but cautions against it, Keagan proceeds and suspects that the man’s soul itself is fractured.

As Knolan keeps pointing towards the door as he whispers the name of his grandson, Jovaani decides to go through it, and walks down a warm misty passage. After some time, Keagan follows. The passage begins to widen and smooth as Jovaani gets a strong sense of familiarity…suddenly realizing that he is back in the Underdark, in the very first arena he fought in. He steps into the arena to a cheer…but the stands are empty. As the shouts grow, a drow priestess of Lolth appears at the opposite end of the arena, specifically the priestess is a drow Hunter.

Keagan follows some distance behind, finding that the mist seems to be condensing, slowing his progress. When Keagan finally reaches the arena he sees Jovaani demonstrating exactly why he was able to survive in the arena in the first place. Keagan though impressed is quick to enter the fray to assist Jovaani. After fighting desperately against underdark spiders that appear without end, Keagan catches sight of some inconsistencies in the arena around them, and points out to Jovanni that they are in an illusion, revealing what appears to be a drow women of apparent power who seems to know Jovaani, as well as a supposed brother of whom he has no knowledge of.

They discover (though Jovaani already strongly suspected) that Lilura, the chaotic goddess of magic, had been shattered and weakened by a demon, and is currently trapped in scattered shards of herself, but ultimately still alive. This weakened state results in an affliction that corrupts all spellcasters who swear themselves to her, most notably Knolan, resulting in suffering ailment that seems to strike at their very magic and souls.

After a subsequent revelation that Jovaani’s tattoo holds more power than he previously expected, he dissolves the rest of the spell surrounding himself and Keagan… revealing that they were both in the closet (he had some trouble coming out).

After stabilizing Knolan for a mere moment, Jovaani and Keagan learn from Melchior that many of magical attacks since the events at the Coliseum bear the distinct signature of Sintari magic, and information suggests they are moving on the Seer’s Oasis to claim it’s magic.

Chenreyr (Rest of the Party)
In the Black Dagger Tavern, Auken, Charlemage, Brugh, Severnie & Sairaith discover the level of debauchery typical of one of Brener’s establishments (Jovaani had directed them as a smokescreen for himself). They almost forgot that they had arrived seeking information, so distracted as they were. Eventually they asked barkeep for information, they are told about a dragon that has been assaulting some of the outlying buildings of the city. The barkeep offers to give them more information if they can take of this hazard. It usually attacks at night, and no one knows exactly what kind it is, only that it burrows up from under the ground.

They also discover that Veric Brener is funding the assignment. The party as a whole is unaware of Desert King of Thieves’ reputation. Rich and powerful, Veric is willing to offer quite the sum for the dragon’s death. Severnie calls Veric a coward for not doing it himself, the barkeep cautions Severnie from that sort of talk.

The party departs in search of the dragon, planning to “summon” it with an offering of gold. After a reasonably short walk, they hear a low breathing sound and spot one sand dune which doesn’t appear to be affected by the wind. After a failed attempt to take the creature by surprise, they enrage it and trigger combat.

After a trying combat, they slay the dragon and cut open its belly to claim its treasure. A woman in a black wolf mask with blue trim appears, and after a brief exchange [Where the woman warns the party that they have challenged the wrong people and that her master will see them fall. her master being Lucretia, the blackguard from the Arena 5 years ago], 2 portals open and she disappears through one, while a small party appears through the other, including a monk who immediately attempts to grapple Brugh. Combat with the party ensues.

(A closing note, the log-keepers were very distracted at the end during the combat with this group that appeared out of the portals, so more detail from those party members may be needed)



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