Kisrafel Raifira

Princess of Kielael


Kisrafel Raifira is the cold and cruel Princess of Kielael.

Kisrafel always has at least two swordsages with her at all times as person guards.


Kisrafel was born to a noble family in Kielael. Her father’s relation to the Prince of Kielael put her third in direct line for the throne of Kielael. Kisrafel took this simply as a challenge and not as a defined means of succession. She assassinated the two men in front of her in the line of succession. The first she killed by means of a poison that corroded his internal organs, killing him slowly. The second she seduced and murdered, then throwing his body out of her tower bedroom window.

As for the Prince of Kielael, she sauntered into his throne room completely naked except for a pair of killer stiletto heels. His entire guard was in such shock that no one reacted until Kisrafel had made her languid way up to the Prince’s throne and straddled his lap. The prince gulped as she purred against his throat tracing her teeth along his jugular. It was then that his Shadowmaster private guard made their slow way towards the throne. Kisrafel traced her lips up to his ear, the prince shivered as her breath hit him. Kisrafel snarled in his ear before pulling her hand back, driving a series of blades on her fingertips into his chest. The Prince threw his head back to scream in agony, as he did Kisrafel sunk her teeth into his jugular literally ripping his throat out.

She stood from the dead prince’s lap and threw his body to the feet of his guardian swordsages. Kisrafel stood before the guards and the advisers and the members of the prince’s court. Even naked, with the prince’s blood dripping down over her milky white curves, she was regal. And the entirety of the court prostrated themselves to her.

Kisrafel uses her body to her advantage, and it is a gorgeous body. She’s sensual and beautiful, with milky white skin, long muscular legs, and an hourglass shaped body, she’s hard to resist. Her voice is a husky purr and she moves with a models sway to her hips. Kisrafel enjoys luring her victims to her with a crafty dance of seduction and then killing them like a black widow.
She rules her land with an iron fist, controlling imports and exports as well as food supply and other essentials to living.
~Kisrafel’s Rise to power as described by a member of her court

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Kisrafel Raifira

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