Sairaith "Sai" Xin

Aasimar Sword Sage Cleric


Sairaith is an Aasimar swordsage who multiclasses as a cleric.

Standing at 5’8" and clocking in at 170lbs of pure muscle, Sairaith “Sai” Xin (pronounced Shin) is a martially proficient cleric who is light on her feet and quick footed in combat. She looks human, but there’s something a little off about her bright green eyes and pure white hair, as she is one of the rare “Plane touched” Aasimari. She hails from a small village just south of the Sintari capital in Merseyr called Misrati. Sai has travelled the long way from the south of Merseyr, trekking mostly by foot to honor her Goddess, with the intention to compete in the games that the Council of Twelve are hosting.

Sai’s primary weapon is a double bladed Scimitar call a Sinsara that can split into two separate scimitars.

Her flaw is called the Blight of Death and manifests as a black almost tattoo like scar that trails up and down the right side of her body. The blight deals a -1 to her charisma score and permanently takes 10% of health away from her per hit die.


Not much is known about Sairaith, or at least she hasn’t told the party much so far beyond the general region that she comes from.

Sairaith "Sai" Xin

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