Superior Wand Bracer (Variant)

Bracers that combine Bracers of Armor and Wand Bracers


Price: 7000GP
Body Slot: Forearms
Caster Level: 7th
Aura: Moderate, Conjuration (DC18)
Activation: Swift action, use standard action
Weight: 2 lbs (Each weighs 1 lb)

These protective bracers can augment a caster’s abilities by allowing them to carry, activate and use wands quickly and easily

Superior Wand Bracers function like +1 Bracers of Armor, augmenting the wearer’s natural armor by +1 (This +1 does not add onto Touch AC). They also have six slots (Three on each bracer) that can hold a wand. These wands can be summoned into the hand as a swift action, or simply activated by will as a swift action. The wands then take one standard action to use. The bracers even keep track of the number of charges left in a wand and will eject a wand from the bracer when the charges are expended. (Wands sold separately)

Cost to create: 3000 GP, 600XP, 3 days


The origin of this particular item is unknown. History suggests that it originated in the Arenas of the Underdark. The original versions of these bracers support this idea as they are crude in design and practical in application. However, over the centuries the design has improved and they are often used by combat casters to augment their abilities on the field.

Sairaith currently wears a set of these bracers. She is also capable of crafting this item for market price -15%, however she may ask for a favor or a tithe to her goddess in return.

Superior Wand Bracer (Variant)

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