Merseyr is a land of sweeping plains and small forests, but it’s primary geographic feature is the vast Merseyr desert, a harsh and unforgiving terrain that is blazing hot by day and freezing cold by night. It is not a place that is easily traveled. This desert is a demanding mistress, taking the lives of many who are unprepared. The sandstorms that rage in this desert are wicked, capable of cutting into skin and the heat can get to the point where it can burn the flesh off of an unsupsecting being.

Merseyr is home to some of the more resilient races of Saegareth that enjoy the demanding climate and terrain. Desert Elves and Half Elves seem to be the dominant races in Merseyr, or at least the most stable of races, having built large cities to settle into. Humans can also be found in abundance in Merseyr, but they often prefer to stay in the main cities, as travel through Merseyr can be dangerous and expensive.

Desert Dwarves and Gnomes have been known to create small villages and settlements that are littered throughout the Desert and Plains. Most of the other races are nomadic

Generally the people of Merseyr are friendly, though they may often appear to be in a hurry to get in and out of the heat. At night sounds of celebration and merriment can be heard from various taverns throughout the city.

Races from the Desert Lands gain a +4 bonus on Fort Saves to resist the effects of Hot weather.

Political Situation

Merseyr is run by a small two part parliament that is based in the capital city of Chenreyr. Currently the man in charge of the Parliament is a Half-Elf called Rischay Vrei. He is man of much political savvy and has an extreme understanding of how to keep the peace and balance between the various guilds that exist in Merseyr. He is a favourite of the people, as peace and prosperity has been maintained in Merseyr since he took office.

The Capital

The Capital city of Merseyr is Chenreyr. A large city that is dominated by Humans, Desert Elves and Half Elves. There are also quarters of the city that are predominantly Gnomes and Dwarves. Due to the mixed architecture of the city, the streets are not laid out in any form that makes sense to someone who doesn’t live there. It’s easy to get lost in the streets of Chenreyr, which can be dangerous as it’s said the Desert King of Thieves mantains his headquarters deep in the heart of Chenreyr’s poorest district.


Sintar is the second largest city in Merseyr. It is the capital of the Sintari Colleges – a group of Caster Adepts. The lands of the Sintari Colleges stretch from their capital in Merseyr all the way through the forests of Sullyl, up into the snowlands of Kielael and terminate in the Shenna mountains of Caehoul. It’s hard to say what race dominates Sintar, as the colleges are made up of spell caster adepts of all races. The city seems friendly enough, but there are many sections that are off limits to anyone who is not a member of one of the colleges.

Arcana Eterna

Arcana Eterna is a powerful mage guild that calls Merseyr its home. It is one of the few mage guilds that is neither dominated nor controlled by the Sintari Adepts. This guild is headed by Knolan Therai, a former member of the Sinari Adepts. Not much is known about why Knolan split from the Adepts, but the separation has been a great source of enmity between the two groups of spell casters.

The Thieves Guild
Next in line for Dominance in the power play for Merseyr is its Thieves guild. Lead by a man known as Veric Brener, this guild runs every shady operation and black market in Merseyr and quickly crushes anyone who tries to challenge them. Brothels, shady taverns, drug deals….The Thieves Guild is in charge of all of that.

Not much is know about the man who runs the guild. Some say he’s a seven foot tall human, others say he is an elf of less than five feet. Those that have crossed Brener all agree that he is a vindictive man interested in only wealth and power – and that he is uncannily good at throwing knives.

The Seer’s Oasis
The largest Oasis in Merseyr, the Seer’s Oasis is a strange, almost timeless land of water and tropical trees. It is one of the few places in Merseyr where there is no violence reported and those that enter the Oasis always leave refreshed, although no one can quite figure out why.

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