Planar Gift

Planar Gifts are constant abilities your character has access to as a result of some supernatural connection to another Plane. Zodiac Mediums receive a Gift of their choice at the start of each Sign, while Plane-Attuned chose one Gift for life. Unless otherwise noted, Planar Gifts are considered to be Supernatural Abilities.


  • Gain resistance to Fire damage equal to your ECL
  • You can cause your eyes to glow and gain darkvision as a free action at will.
  • You are immune to all effects of severe hot weather. This includes thirst and heat exhaustion.


  • Gain a bonus to Swim checks equal to your ECL
  • You always know the direction of the nearest source of water
  • With a standard action, you can purify one gallon of water per character level. This removes all poisons, diseases, and aesthetic flaws, but will not cleanse magical effects (though you do become aware that a magical effect is in place).


  • Multiply your Str score by 1.5 (rounding down) for the purposes of carry weight determination.
  • You are allowed a Fort Save whenever an enemy or effect attempts to move you. If you already receive a Save, you roll twice and take the better result.
  • As a swift action, you may sacrifice all movement speed and take a -2 penalty to Reflex to gain a +2 supernatural bonus to melee attack rolls, AC, and Fort. You can end this stance with another swift action.


  • Multiply all your movement speeds by 1.5 (round down to nearest 5’)
  • You are allowed a Reflex save to take half damage from falling. If you already have this ability from another source, the damage is instead quartered. When you succeed, you land kneeling.
  • As a swift action, you may take a -2 penalty to Fort to gain a +2 supernatural bonus to Reflex, ranged attack rolls, and all defenses against ranged attacks.


  • You and those you tend to heal double the amount they normally would from rest.
  • You are allowed a Fort or Will saving throw (whichever is higher) to negate any effect that would drain your ability scores or levels. If the effect already allows a save, you may make 2 and take the better result.
  • You use your highest ability modifier to determine hit points per level (this applies retroactively).


  • Any effect which you bestow that reduces an ability score or level of the target (including poisons you brew) can only be removed by a Restoration spell of a caster level equal to or greater than yours.
  • If you attempt to drain ability or levels and the target is allowed a save, they must roll twice and take the worse result.
  • You gain a +1 to your caster level and DC with all Inflict spells, or those that drain/damage abilities or levels.


  • You are never surprised
  • You gain a supernatural bonus to Spellcraft checks equal to your ECL
  • You gain teleport 10’ as an additional movement mode


  • As a swift action, your eyes glow silver and you gain the ability to see ethereal creatures. You can turn off this ability as a free action
  • You can roll your miss chance against ethereal creatures twice and take the better result.
  • You gain a plus 1 bonus to your saves against all spells, except for Abjurations and Force spells.


  • You gain darkvision
  • You gain the rogue’s Sneak Attack ability, using half your ECL in place of rogue levels
  • You gain the rogue’s Evasion ability


  • You gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against [Charm] effects
  • The DCs of Illusion spells you cast are increased by 1
  • The DCs of Enchantment spells you cast are increased by 1

Planar Gift

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