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The World of Saegareth

Those that would climb the canyons of Nessus are bound for a hard fall. The time of Shades and Shadows is at hand. The Goddess will Fall and the Queen shall rise

The world of Saegareth is a land of many geographical features and climates, each seemingly crafted for the continued pleasant existence of each race that primarily calls Saegareth home. There are six main nations of Saegareth each ruled by a Prince appointed by a competition in combat and by passing a series of tests. These six nations are defined by their geographic and climate features; there is the land of water called Aqualiis, the land of forests called Sulyll, the land of plains called Kaeheer, the land of deserts called Merseyr, the land of mountains called Caehoul, and the land of snow and ice called Kielael. Once, there were people that lived in the shadows of the center of Saegareth now known as the Wastelands. As far as anyone knows they are long gone, however no one seems to venture into the Wastelands and no one is quite sure why not. A few have tried, but none have ever returned.

Myths and legends that might have once been history, but now are only children’s bedtime stories tell of these shadow figure memories. They were once Mage Lords of time and space who controlled the seventeen parallel planes, these magi were called Planeswalkers and were venerated as Demi gods; the entire world of Saegareth bowed to them. The fairytales, however, misunderstand the interpretation of the Ancient SurCommon translation of the word Mage and assumes it to refer to a specific class of long-dead spellcasters. The tales tell of a legend of these mages being able to call to existence one of the Seventeen parallel planes and use its power to do great deeds on the Prime Plane of Saegareth.

According to legend it’s been nearly a millennia since a Planeswalker has existed in the world of Saegareth. Their ways of life, practices and rituals have long been forgotten and now they are only heroes and villains in fiction. But for the last five years strange phenomena has been occurring throughout Saegareth. Things such as tidal waves crashing through the forests of Sulyll and fires blazing through the snowy mountain of Kielael, a sudden infection of insomnia has spread throughout Saegareth and there is an oasis in the deserts of Merseyr that has apparently frozen in time. Soothsayers predict it is the sign of the oncoming end of days for Saegareth, but the Council of Twelve (twelve representatives appointed by each of the six nations) figures there is a much more logical and real aspect to it than hokey religion. They have called upon all the beings of the nation of Saegareth to send champions forth to investigate this strange phenomena, and each group has found that their investigation takes them into the wastelands where they disappear without a trace.

Now the Council is resorting to finding lesser known warriors and spell casters to scout into the wastelands and report back on their findings. They’re choosing their next round of champions by holding a tournament at the coliseum on the Weyren Islands just north of the continent of Aqualiis.

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