The Nature of the Planes

The planes are Seventeen planes that exist in conjunction with each other. Thirteen exist in parallel with each other. They are infinitely far apart and infinitely close together, they are infinitely large and certain planes are also infinitely small (think of a line, it’s both infinitely long and infinitely thin). These planes all differ from each other in one primary aspect, they have a dominant element that defines them and makes them different from all other planes. The Prime plane, for example is everything material, the Time plane is dominated by the control of the relativity of time. Each plane also has its own physical, elemental/energy, alignment and magical trait. Since each plane exists in parallel to each other they also share certain features, such as geographical and bestiary features.

Tempo Order/The Zodiac
{Positive: Emotional and Loving (Cancer)
Negative: Determined and Forceful (Scorpio)
Earth: Grounded and steady (Taurus)
Air: Very social (Aquarius)
Water: Flexible jack of all trades (Gemini)
Fire: Assertive (Leo)}-Elemental

{Ethereal: Distant and observant (Capricorn)
Astral: Wanderlust (Sagittarius)
Shadow: Shy and Analytical (Virgo)
Feywild: Trickster (Aries)}-Discarnate
{Dreams: Imaginative (Libra)
Far: Otherwordly (Pisces)}-Faint

{Abyssal – the 666 layers of the Abyss
Infernal –Nine layers of Hell

Celestial-The Seven Heavens

{Time (time being the most impossible to access)}-Faint

The Planes are arranged in fixed position along 3 distinct gears, as shown above. The Elemental Wheel is closest to The Prime, with the Discarnate Wheel above that, and finally the Faint Wheel the farthest of the wheels. These all rotate in such a way that the planes come into position in the sky above the rising sun one at a time (giving rise to the zodiac). However, because the gears rotate at different paces, not all the planes appear above the Prime in a given year, so unlike a standard zodiac, some signs are absent during a given year. The Elemental planes appear regularly, always completing a full rotation in a single year. The Discarnate planes complete a full rotation ever 10 years, and the Faint Planes complete a rotation every 200 years. So in most years, there are only the 6 Elemental signs, each lasting 2 months.

The three primordial planes rest the highest above all the planes except for the Time plane, these planes are the Celestial plane with its subplane of Creation, the Infernal plane with its subplane of Law as established by the pact primeval, and the Abyssal plane with its subplane of Destruction.

The Planes:
*The Parallel Planes:

Prime- The physical world of Saegareth that is present in the physical sense as we understand it. This is a plane where the same laws of physics from the real world are applied. The basis of standard time is also determined by the Prime Plane. Traits: Normal Gravity, Normal Time
Astral – The astral plane is primarily a no gravity space that is the plane of thought, memory and psychic energy. It is a barren place with implied bits of solid matter (those familiar with the landscape of Saegareth will recognize some of this matter). This is one of the few planes that is infinitesimal with no real time or space, though both will catch up with you when you leave this plane. Traits: timeless, no gravity, infinite size, alterable morphic trait, no elemental or energy traits, mildly neutral aligned, enhanced magic. Walkers who align to this plane tend to be spell casters of a less arcane nature.

Ethereal- This is a plane of boundless possibilities. It exists out of phase. “It is a place of ghosts and monsters. It is right next to you and you don’t even see it” This plane runs closest to coexisting with the Prime Plane and looks very much like a misty version of it. This is a place where ghosts and spirits dwell. Because it exists so closely to the Prime Plane there have been cases of a mortal accidentally walking onto the Ethereal Plane or a spirit walking onto the Prime Plane. Spirits of the restless dead dwell here, making this plane slightly more dangerous than the Astral plane Traits: No gravity, normal time, infinite size, Alterable morphic however there is little to altar, No elemental or energy traits, mildly neutral aligned. Walkers who take to this plane tend to be athletic combatants. There is a solid down in the ethereal plane, meaning that Walkers who move to this plane can walk as normal, but combat takes place in all dimensions.

Shadow- “It is the toxic plane of Darkness and Power. It is the hidden place that hates the light. It is the frontier of worlds unknown”. The Plane where Darkness is born and Shadows are cast without light. It is closely connected to the Prime Plane, but it is far more dangerous than the Ethereal or the Astral Plane. This is an infinitely large plane of numberless shadows living in an entirely sunless ecosystem that looks very much like Saegareth cast into eternal darkness. Shadow creatures born in the nightmares of mortals here constantly strive to catch incautious prey. Traits: Normal gravity, Normal Time, Infinite Size, Magically morphic (certain spells can modify the base material of the Shadow Plane), No elemental or Energy traits, Mildly Neutral Aligned. Enhanced Magic(Spells with a Shadow descriptor are enhanced on this plane. Such spells are cast as though they were prepared with the Maximize Spell feat), Impeded magic Spells that use or generate light may fizzle out on the Shadow plane)

Feywild – Is an extreme mirror to the Prime Plane with incredibly similar geography. Arcane magic runs very freely through the Feywild, in fact all existence in this plane is magical and the abundance of magical energy can be harvested or magical items can be retrieved. However the Feywild is incredibly deceiving because of how similar it appears to the Prime Plane and the beauty of it often disguises the danger.

Earth- “It is a place of hidden riches. It is a wall against all foes. It is a grave for the greedy.” An earth-dominant plane consisting of endless rock and soft earth with a multitude of caverns, grottoes and ore veins making its way through the plane. It is not a particularly hostile place, but it can be disturbing for those with claustrophobia. This is a heavy gravity plane. Traits: Heavy Gravity, Normal Time, Infinite Size, Alterable Morphic, Earth-Dominant, Enhanced Magic (Spells and spell-like abilities that use, manipulate or create earth or stone are both empowered and extended as if they had the empower spell and extend spell use don them), impeded magic (Spells and spell like abilities that use or create air are impeded)

Air- “It is as open as the eternal sky. It is as solid as a child’s breath. It is falling forever.” An air-dominant plane that consists of endless airy space without floor or ceiling. Gravity is subjective here, meaning that one could “fly” simply by choosing a direction in which to “fall”. This is the most comfortable and survivable of the inner planes. Traits: Subjective directional gravity, normal time, infinite size, alterable morphic, Air-dominant. Enhanced magic (Spells that use, manipulate or create air are empowered and enlarges as if the empower and enlarge spells have been used on them), Impeded Magic (Spells and spell like abilities that use or create earth are impeded. A successful spellcraft check is the only way to cast these spells here. DC15+Level of the spell)

Water – “It is an ocean without a surface. It is domain of current and wave. It is a bottomless depth.” A water- dominant plane consisting of an ocean without end, bottom or surface. It is entirely made up of fluid and lit by a diffuse glow. Gravity is also subjective here where creatures can choose which direction they wish to “sink”. Movement here is accomplished through swimming. Air breathing creatures may find it difficult to exist here unless this plane is the walker’s favoured plane Traits: Subjective Directional Gravity, Normal Time, Infinite Size, Alterable-Morphic, Water-Dominant, Enhanced Magic (Spells and spell like abilities that use and create water are both extended and enlarged in this plane), Impeded Magic (Spells and spell- like abilities that use fire are impeded on this plane)

Fire – “It is a plane continually ablaze. It smells of burning flesh and ashen dreams. It is flame incarnate.” A fire-dominant place, this plane is an astonishing vista of fire, lava and pyroclastic gases. In a curious paradox, this is both the most hostile of the elemental planes and the most populated. That’s because of the City of Brass, a marvelous town made of brass and magically protected against the abrasive nature of the plane. Traits: Normal Gravity, Normal Time, Infinite Size, Alterable Morphic, Fire-Dominant, Enhanced magic (spells and spell like abilities that use and create fire are both maximized and enlarged), Impeded Magic (Spells and spell like abilities that use or create water are impeded)

Dreams- The dream plane is a plane of illusions and deception. Dream Plane
Objective Directional Gravity: “Down” is typically towards the nearest surface that can be walked on. For example, in a cubic room, individuals can walk on the ceiling, floor, and walls.
Timeless: Hunger, thirst, poison, natural healing, and aging cease while in the dream realm, though they resume when the traveler leaves the plane. Upon leaving, the traveler feels to overwhelming desire to sleep. Once asleep, they remain so for 1/10th the time they spent in the Dream realm.
Magically Morphic: The Plane is created from the dreams of sentient creatures, and as such is influenced by them. Areas may change in accordance with subjects dreams, or may be changed by certain magical effects and strong force of will. Illusion, Creation, Evocation, and Mind-Affecting spells often have some effect on the immediate surroundings in which they are cast. For example, a Prismatic Wall spell could also change the coloring of the surroundings randomly.
Enhanced Magic: Spells of the Illusion school, or spells with the [Mind-Affecting] descriptor are Extended, Silent, and Still.

Far-Subjective Directional Gravity: “Down” is determined by the individual, as is normal for planes of this type.
Timeless: Hunger, thirst, poison, natural healing, and aging cease while in the dream realm, though they apply retroactively when the traveler leaves the plane.
Highly Morphic: The Far Realm changes almost constantly, and without rhyme or reason.
Enhanced Magic: Transmutation spells are Heightened, Divinations are Enlarged, and Illusions are Widened.
Impeded Magic: Spells from the Abjuration, Conjuration, Enchantment, Evocation, and Necromancy schools.

Time- Subjective direction gravity: “Down” is determined by the individual. Subjective time: Time is controlled by the individual. Time spent in the Time Plane is not retroactively applied to the traveler when they leave the plane.

The unbeing/primordial planes:

_ Celestial_ – The “Seven Heavens” or “The Mounting Heavens of Celestia” Is the ultimate plane of all things involving law and good. All aspects of the Celestial plane are beautiful and perfect. It is an infinite plane consisting of seven infinite layers with a sea as the bottom most layer leading up to the tip of a summit as the top most layer. Contained within the Celestial Plane is the Plane of Creation.

Creation- The wellspring of life. It is one of the two energy planes. This place is a source of creation, heat and life force, the energy that constitutes the Big Bang. However, it’s a deadly place to travelers; once there mortal visitors are quickly suffused with pure energy which makes them literally explode.

Abyssal – A region of intense, extreme and unforgiving climates with seven layers consisting of harsh natural events such as desert sandstorms, explosive and unstable volcanic activity, sub- zero arctic climates, bottomless oceans filled with dangerous monsters, nauseating disease causing environments and the endless existential void of infinite space. This is the place where Demons are born. Contained within the Abyssal plane is the Plane of Destruction

Destruction- The source of entropy. It is one of the two energy planes. This place is a vacuum of destruction, cold and entropic force. It is as deadly as its brighter brother; visitors here are drained of all life and reduced to ashes almost instantly.

Infernal Planes- The Infernal plane is the plane of Devils. It is the ultimate plane of law controlled by a very strict hierarchy. This plane contains the nine hells of Baator. Each of these nine layers each is controlled by a different Arch Devil. Contained within the Infernal Plane is the Plane of Law

Law – The ultimate plane of hierarchy, consistency and conformity, this is where the Devils of Baator draw their lawful abilities from when exacting the Pact Primeval.

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The Nature of the Planes

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