Updated House Rules

House rules:

Character Creation:

  • Each player, no matter what race or class must take at least one flaw and may take up to three with a feat bonus. These flaws can be taken from the list of flaws on the DnD wiki or a flaw and its effect can be made up and submitted to the DM for approval. Flaws should be important to some personality aspect or backstory aspect to the character and not just an arbitrary flaw. (For example: a character has insomnia because of a nightmare that plagues them on a regular basis preventing them from getting a decent night’s sleep) All flaws must be roleplayed and DM reserves the right to use any flaw against the character at any time.
    (But please don’t be scared, flaws are really fun!)


  • True DR 1/- gained at every level
  • Bonus feat every fourth level up to 20
  • +10’ movement speed at 8th and 16th level

*D8 HD

  • +2 Spells known per level
  • Spell per day progression as sorcerer
  • Bard Songs are swift actions on their turn and they stack with any/all buffs regardless of “tagline”
  • Bonus Bard Feats at levels 5,10,15,20


  • Always proficient with the favored weapon of their deity
  • At first level clerics gain the ability to Detect Good or Detect Evil based on alignment.


  • May not choose a war animal as an animal companion. You may choose a non war trained mount and train them to become combat ready through bonus tricks gained at level progression.
  • Bonus Druid Feats at levels 5,10,15,20
  • Entangle spell has a duration of two rounds per level max 10 rounds


  • Gain +1 to damage at every even level
  • Gain the class skills: Listen and spot
  • Exotic Weapon proficiency is automatic at 6th level


  • Monk weapons do unarmed damage
  • Allowed 1 skill trick per level
  • Skill points 6+Int per level
  • See Quintessential Monk (3.0) for methods of using Grapple


  • Paladin must have their own code of honor. This code will allow them to occasionally drift from their chosen god’s alignment because of how they interpret their own god’s teaching. However it may not drastically differ (A Paladin of a Lawful Evil god may not have a Lawful Good honor code)
  • Paladins gain a bonus feat at level 1, 5, 10, 15, 20
  • Paladins must be lawfully aligned. This mean Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good. Lawful Neutral and Lawful Good Paladins follow the Paladin progression in the PHB. Lawful Evil Paladins follow the Paladin of Tyranny Progression in Unearthed Arcana (Standard Paladin Class features except for those listed in Unearthed Arcana) Paladin of Tyranny
  • Fort and Will Saves High


  • Hide in plain sight works anywhere.
  • There is no armor penalty for dual wielding.
  • You gain both feats for Dual Wielding &Ranged instead of just choosing one
  • +10’ movement speed at 8th and 16th level
  • May not choose a war animal as an animal companion. You may choose a non war trained mount and train them to become combat ready through bonus tricks gained at level progression.
  • Entangle Spell has a duration of two rounds per level, max ten rounds
  • Favored enemies: For every +2 bonuses gained a Ranger can add +1d6 precision damage to their attack against a favored enemy


  • Sneak attack damage will work on any enemy as long as they have lost their Dex bonus to AC, the attacked is caught off guard (usually flat footed, which means during the first round of combat or if there is a surprise round, in this case caught off guard means that the Rogue can catch the enemy by surprise at any point. E.g. they are a Shadow Walker and they appear suddenly from the Shadow Plane), or the attacker flanks the target. Catching an enemy off guard can only be used on one enemy per encounter
  • +10’ movement at 8th and 16th level
  • Ref and Will saves high


  • +2 spells known per level
  • Cleric BAB progression
  • Bonus feats at levels 5,10,15,20
  • D6 HD
  • Ray of Enfeeblement only does 1d4 strength damage


  • Ref and will saves high
  • Ray of Enfeeblement only does 1d4 strength damage
  • Ray of Clumsiness only does 1d4 Dex damage
  • If the Wizard is a specialist, they automatically gain the Spell Focus (Specialty) feat.

Ability Scores:
Ability scores may be determined in one of the following ways. The player may choose which one:

  • A player may begin with a base score of 8 in each ability score and then spend 30 points to purchase higher scores. The cost is point for point.
  • Elite Array: Scores of 18, 16, 14, 13, 12 and 10 are arranged as desired.
  • Roll six times recording in order the best 3 of 4d6. Reroll any one ability taking the better of the two scores. Then you may switch any two scores.


  • All players gain an addition +2 skill points at first level
  • Each player, regardless of race or class must place at least four of their skill points obtained at first level into a Craft, Profession, or Knowledge check. This skill must be relative to a character’s backstory (e.g a Pirate/swashbuckler might know how to sail as a profession). If this skill is a class skill a player gains Two bonus Skill points in that skill after four ranks.
  • You may also choose an Appraise, Knowledge or a Perform skill that reflects your character’s upbringing and make it a class skill.
  • All players at level two gain concentration as a class skill. (However, if you’re going to start dumping ranks into concentration I need a background reason why, this can be a short story or an in game roleplay)

Fort Saves: Strength or Con Mod

  • Reflex Save:* Dex or Int Mod
  • Will Saves:* Wisdom or Charisma mod
  • Initiative:* Dex or Int mod


  • All casters cast an additional 2 spells per day per level.
  • All spell casters gain Eschew Materials as a bonus feat at level one (Or whatever level you gain your spell casting abilities)


A second level wizard prepares and casts 6 0-level spells and 4 1-level spells rather than the original 4 level 0-spells and 2 level 1-spells. When the wizard levels up to 3rd, he prepares and casts 6 0-level spells, 4 1-level spells and 3 2-level spells, & he prepares and casts 6 0-level spells, 5 1-level spells and 4 2-level spells when he levels up to 4th.

A second level sorcerer casts 8 0-level spells and 6 1-level spells instead of the original 6 0-level spells and 4 1-level spells. When the sorcerer levels up to 3rd, she casts 8 0-level spells and 7 1-level spells, & casts 8 0-level spells and 8 1-level spells, and 5 2-level spells when she levels up to 4th.

Spell per Day recovery system (Variant)

For flavor purposes, Spells per Day will be referred to as a mana pool

Once per day, when a caster has exhausted his or her mana pool she may attempt to recover it. Recovery takes a full round action (a total of 6 seconds), the caster must enter into a quick meditation and succeed a concentration check (DC10+highest caster level+1/2Effective Character Level rounded up). If the caster succeeds this check they regain their entire mana pool. If the caster fails the check they regain half of their mana pool and then must succeed a concentration check (DC10+highest Caster level+1/2 effective character level rounded up) or become fatigued when casting spells.

When a caster is in this meditation they lose their dexterity bonus to AC and become flat-footed.

A level 2 wizard has a total of six 0 Level spells and four 1st level spells per day.
If they take a full round action to succeed a DC 15 concentration check (DC10+3+2) they regain all six 0 level spells and four 1st level spells.

If they fail the check they regain three 0 level spells and two 1st level spells. In order to continue casting they must succeed a DC15 Concentration check (DC10+3+2) or become fatigued.
Fatigued: Cannot run or charge. -2 to Strength and Dex. After 8 hours of rest a character is no longer fatigued.

Postures in combat:

  • +2 to Attack rolls on Ranged attacks with bows or crossbows out to 1 range increment
  • +2 to AC vs. Ranged Attacks
  • +4 circumstance bonus to hide
  • -2 to Reflex saves
  • -2 to Attack rolls on melee attacks
  • Movement speed halved


  • +4 to Attack Rolls on Ranged Attacks with crossbows to ½ range increment.
  • +4 AC vs. Ranged attacks
  • +2 Circumstance Bonus to Hide
  • -4 to Reflex saves
  • -4 to AC vs. Melee Attacks
  • -4 to Attack Rolls on melee Attacks
  • Character may only move by crawling, ¼ base speed

Short Range Bonus to Hit:

  • Ranged Weapons used on a target at half their range or closer have a +1 circumstance bonus to hit
  • Ranged Weapons used on a target at ¼ their range or closer have a +3 circumstance bonus to hit.
    Take Aim:
  • a player can spend a move action to take more careful aim on the next ranged attack giving them a +1 circumstance bonus to hit.
  • Once a character begins aiming the character cannot move, even to take a five foot step or the benefit is lost

True DR:

  • applies to any source of damage, including magic.

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